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Have you got what it takes to conquer this bouncing ball game? 

Cyan Ball Bounce is a hypercasual super addictive free ball game where the player has to hop tiles avoiding obstacles and get to the top.

How to master the bouncing ball:

The trick is to hold the phone in both hands and use your thumbs to move left and right as you work your way through this 44 level bouncing ball game as you hop from one platform to the next. 

After you have completed level nine you will unlock Endless Mode which will allow you to compete against others to reach the top of the leaderboard by collecting coloured balls, each earning points.

It's simple, fun and a great way to spend time. This game is so addicting and once mastered will provide hours of fun for the whole family so EVERYONE can enjoy it. 

Enjoy the simplicity of this game but also be warned that it will get harder and you may get frustrated..a tip from the team is to keep going and practicing..as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. It doesn't try to pretend it's anything more than a simple "keep bouncing until the top" and "can you beat your previous high score"
Free to play!
Fun and Addictive
Endless play and Level progression
Simple game mechanics
Easy controls
Bright effects
Hyper Intense
Arcade style gameplay
Great casual experience
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